Author Jean Olsen

Jean Olsen has been a practicing licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida since 1995 (License #MA18257).  She is also a certified neuromuscular therapist, (CNMT) which simply means she has had further training in pain release.  Jean is also certified in Emotional Freedom Technique and was a counselor at a crisis center for nine years.

During this time, she has studied and taken courses in aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, nutrition, and different types of massage.  This includes Swedish, polarity, pre-natal, neuromuscular and various forms of energy healing. Jean also studied meditation, diagnostics, mind/body connection, spiritual modalities, bach flower remedies, applied kinesiology, feldenkrais, hypnosis, psychosomatics, neurosomatics, posturology, soft tissue therapy, medical massage, orthopedic massage and seated massage.

For many years, Jean has searched for a way to help others on a larger scale than one patient at a time.  Her love for reading led her to the creation of her own books.  Jean owns and operates Abundance Enterprises, Inc. which publishes her writing.

“Teaching People to Help Themselves Has Always Been My Passion”